Creation is painful.

Can’t think of a project for my personal blog that isn’t too broad or stupid. But let’s just brainstorm one anyways.

I had a long conversation with a professor once named Jim Bissett about the future of media, and how flash content was a major part of that. Flash is more than a way for office workers to get fired from their jobs; it is the future of personal artistry, a medium for art and animation that anyone can do with a little practice. Sometimes people do it with no practice. Many pro advertisements are done with Macromedia Flash, and multitudes make a decent living monetizing their indie art.

I realized half the people I follow on twitter that I don’t know personally are prolific flash artists. is one of my favorite sites, and while not always high-brow, there are always things of worth there. I can highlight ones of interests later. There are also things of national importance,  scandals involving current events and celebrity outrage.

Adam Phillips is a great example of flash and art being joined. An ex-disney animator, he now creates flash as a hobby and psuedo-job. He raises the bar for what flash can be with his “Bitey of Brackenwood” series and related videos. A work is only as pure as the maker, after all.

As far as journalism is concerned, the news sometimes latches onto the free expression of these works, but usually negative. For example, an unnamed game that put you in the shoes of the Columbine shooter. Less morbidly(and more recently), there was a game where Mario had to plug the BP oil spill with dead fish in the heyday of that recent fiasco that was a very topical parody.

This could be interesting. I could concern myself with shoving my opinion in people’s faces that flash is a medium which changes the very core of media, as well as  giving history and reviews and stuff, or this may be deleted and replaced with something better and more “journalistic.” We’ll see.

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