Experimental flash- Music

Here’s an oldie but a goodie that is super-interesting both as an experimental flash and a tool for easy music creation.

Now that you’ve seen it in action, play it here! It is incredibly easy to use, whether you know the science behind 16-step sequencing or just want to hit random spots.

Just be careful not to lose track of time. It’s addictive.

I for one love the appearance, which gives a visual representation, a wave, of the tonal frequencies that are being manipulated. The black and white motif shows the positive and negative spaces.

Plus, it’s made in the same vein as audiotools, which are known for audio creation tools right in your browser. In many ways, it’s a simple toy. On the other hand, it revolutionized what flash was for back in 2009, and possibly introduce midi sequencing to a new audience. Also, it’s on the iphone, which could be a mind-blowing format in a world of fart buttons.

Flash can have extremely utilitarian purposes. There are many online flash tuners which make fine-tuning an instrument a snap. There are tools for playing mp3 files right through you browser(great for websites or blogs), virtual piano keyboards, and I even found a flash tool for learning the fretboard of the guitar online! These are just a few tools that showcase the awesome breadth of useful software available for musicians.

Best of all, most flash content is free. Or at least a free demo.

Flash is by far the most versatile platform ever created, and goes way beyond games and cartoons. I look forward to a revolution in music media. Feel free to give suggestions of your fave music-related flash tools in the comments!

  1. You know, I have to say that flash serves a greater purpose than I had realized. I’ve only ever used it to rot my brain away with flash games, but this stuff is interesting.

    The only encounter I’ve personally had with using flash was in JRL 210, and that was for one class that was entirely optional. It was cool to get the chance to learn something about it, even if I wouldn’t know how to do it again now.

    Interesting stuff.

    Good luck the rest of the way.

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