Links, Links, and more Links

As much as I would like this to be a Legend of Zelda blog post, I feel contractually obligated to talk about the sources that will fuel the upcoming “meat” of this here blog.


This is by no means a list of websites I like best, but just a random sampling of that which informs me. Bullet points make everything more interesting, right?

  • Gizmodo– They specialize in, guess what, gizmos, and many of today’s devices, like phones and new types of computers (see iPad) use flash for many applications.
  • Official Adobe Flash Blog– An obvious choice, but an essential one. For the uninitiated, Adobe makes the program for creating and viewing Flash content. Anything about updates, program use and technical version stuff will likely be covered here.
  • Boing Boing– They are… varied. Granted, much of their site is less news than comedy, but they certainly have an archive of articles about games, projects, and videos rendered in flash. Plus, they have hard-hitting moments of pure journalism.
  • Jay is Games– This site was a pleasant surprise. Other than what I expected, namely, a bunch of casual flash games and inane comments by bored moms, I found a man with his pulse on the Flash industry who just enjoys connecting people with indie games. He has frequent news on the meatspace happenings of flashers (not sexual deviants) in all walks of life.
  • Kotaku– An immensely popular gaming site. Granted, much of the press goes to console happenings, but the underrated gems in Flash often gets articles, especially ones that become console games: Alien Hominid, Super Meat Boy, Castle Crashers, to name a few. Kotaku gives you for free the quality of writing and professionalism found normally in magazines.
  • Lifehacker– A fascinating read. They are a different sort of technology blog, specializing in practical uses for high and low-tech objects. It would not be the first time Flash’s open programming gave a platform for creative control.
  • Newgrounds Blogs– This is a consolidated list of all the blogs held by flashers, administrators, and general users with an account at newgrounds. A fair amount of material, but only a slight proportion is worthwhile. Much like the submissions to NG itself, you have to wade through gallons of waste to find nuggets of intellectualism.
  • The Google Blog– Google is poised to rule the internet. Flash is a widely used and effective tool. Enough said.
  • The Flash Blog– The name is pretty generic, but Lee Brimelowe is a dedicated evangelist for platform technology. This is by far the most tech-centric site on this list, but he does his job well.
  • Flash-Enabled Blog– I find the humor here is that this site does as much for informing me in blog management as much as text for the actual content of my blog. I can use this website to make my blog look nicer with flash-related tools, and at the same time self-help by showing the capabilities of said program.
  • Flash Com Guru– Another techie, this time more about debugging and making Flash run better, with some general stuff about specific plugins/programs.
  • Flash Stream Works– Part gadgets, like Gizmodo, with some practical use, like Lifehacker, and a little flash usage debate, ala The Flash Blog.

Whoo. And who knows what else I might find to make this list more exhausting?

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