Occasional Philanthropy

Even the myopic little despots who create flash have their good sides. I kid to you crazy kids who make games and stuff and are fairly sane.

There are dozens of great charities borne of original content. Many of the games in the humble indie bundle, a promotion which involved independent game developers giving their most famous small games away mostly to charity, started as humble flash games. It stands as a social innovation in that you name your own price; yet they have a updating feed of the average price to stop those less charitable who pay a penny. It’s been quite the hit both times they’ve tried it so far.  IGN certainly gave them positive reviews.

There are other ways flash artists can contribute to a greater cause. For instance, there are pages for Breast Cancer and Care Charity that artists can link to and share advertisement revenue with. I wish we knew for sure whether these accounts were truly linked to the sponsors.

The Stanford University Hackathon was a flash game competition with a theme of charity and benevolence. While not technically raising money, charity can be as simple as putting the idea of giving in someone’s head.

And then some flash artists are just jerks who make things like this. Haha, it funny because it make you think helping the world but in fact children are starving! Hilarious! Sarcasm!

All in all, there have been some strides in the relatively young life of truly newbie-created flash that has broader goals than stupid jokes. And then some things never change.

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