Common themes in flash and social media; Ipad Flash

(Copyright Bill Amend)

(and Jerry Siegel) (and Stan Lee) (and Fox/Lampert)

For an excruciatingly long while, one of the major annoyances among the tech crowd in regards to Flash was it’s inability to run on the ipad. Though Apple doesn’t find it a problem (and many expect Jobs was intentionally blocking the code), many others do. But, I mean, really, what does flash do other than those stupid games?

Let me remind you: ESPN, Hulu, Disney, Miniclip, Kongregate, JibJab, Etc. None of these would be viewable without flash. Adobe is somehow less than pleased, for obvious reasons.

In fact, many of the blogs I read had some things to say about the brokenness of not including it, and how hard some are trying to find a way around the problem.




One major issue is this: If developers and coders can make a work-around to display flash, the hardware is not incapable of rendering the content. In fact, why block it in the first place? The only reason I can see is that people might see copyrighted content from a source that’s free, and not have to shell out two dollars for a tv episode at the Itunes store.

Not only is this a greedy course of action, but it leads to a corruptive line of thinking. Namely, “If Apple (Steve Jobs’ title being momentarily shaky) doesn’t like flash, and doesn’t think it viable for the future of technology, and if Apple are the sole visionaries of the future of personal media (many believe they are), the bottom line is flash is a dying breed and we need to put it down.”

No, no, a thousand times no. I am usually open to interpretation, feeling everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to say that flash is obsolete is just. plain. wrong.

Look, there are multiple browser apps that are getting closer to full ipad integration. People know what they want, and when crucial parts of the internet are built around a system because of stability and ease, people will get their media.

And I understand the Apple phenomenon. I adore my Classic 120 Gig player. But the ipod is not a simulated laptop computer. The ‘pad sort of is. Safari runs flash, but a more slab-like Mac can’t?

People will buy it. The casual users will be in bliss. The ones who know what they are missing shall wail and gnash their teeth. And if I see that broken link symbol much longer, Apple will not see my money.

But, hey, a restructuring is in the works, right?

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