A few notable flash artists

People that are intimately familiar with webflash will know these names well, but for the uninitiated, here a just a few of my favorite flash authors. And you know, I may as well put a big NSFW up here, in case someone easily offended winds up here.

Adam Phillips:  One of the greatest Flash animators on the web. With good reason, as he formerly animated for Disney. His flagship series, as should be apparent to visitors on his site, is the Bitey of Brackenwood series which features whimsical, humorous and often irreverent characters in beautiful backdrops and achingly smooth animation.  And he has some wonderful stories to tell otherwise. He is one of the main reasons I saw Flash as something viable and worthy of attention, or at least worthy of a blog. Follow his Twitter, and other activities on Newgrounds.

For the lover of video game parody, I can think of none other than EgoRaptor. Or Arin Hanson for you real people. All of his links can be found right here. Most of his videos (whether he himself wants it that way or not) are in the same vein: Video game name with Awesome somewhere in the title, fast-paced raunchy parody. Metal Gear Solid becomes Metal Gear Awesome, Gears of War= Gears of Awesome, Etc. These are all crazy, offensive and hilarious, even to those not familiar with the original games. His recent activities take to collaborating with other talented artists, and his Dragonball Z and anime spoofs Girlchan in Paradise.

Happy Harry/ Harry Partridge: This UK animator’s content is ostensibly pop culture taken to absurdity. For those familiar with the monumental comic The Watchmen, one of favorite flashes involves if that comic were instead Saturday Morning Watchmen. Other fodder includes disturbing Justin Beiber, Transformers and… coconut cake? He’s done work for Playboy and other big enterprises. Strangely enough, he doesn’t have an official website; but here’s an interview with the man himself.

These are just a few to whet the proverbial whistle. I may do this again later. Happy Groundhog day!

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