Flash in advertising

Anyone can make an advertisement. It’s easy.

Are you alone in the house/dorm/apartment? Shutters closed so no one can see you? Then try it one of the most interactive Flash ads I have seen: Jabra Halo wireless headphones.

That’s right, it’s a dance simulator for your webcam. Almost like that Dance Central that the kids like on those XBoxes. Not as responsive, but it does make you want the product

Not every ad in Flash is cool. Shooting ducks and whacking moles is slightly interactive, but not interesting. Maybe an interactive story with webcam and microphone support, all designed to showcase the newest Lexus. Unfortunately, I came across a few technical problems, but it was otherwise a decent piece of short cinema and one hell of an experiment.

Viral advertising has been all the rage for the last few years, as companies try to grab a slice of exploding internet tech and overblown social networking. Seriously, my Mom’s on Facebook.

But selling can work in other ways. The Eco Zoo is trying to sell ideas about saving the environment and living green. A cute use of flash: you explore around this 3D tower in 360 degrees to learn tips about ecofriendliness from friendly creatures.

Because selling, at least for me, works like this: I will want an intriguing product, and if the presentation is unique and cool, I might shell out some cash for it. Just because you tricked me into clicking your terrible banner ad telling me to shoot the alien to win the prize of buying your terrible goods/services, and then implanted spyware to show me the ad over and over and over while bogging down my computer will not make me intrinsically want your bloody product. Geez.

Anyway, I like the idea of the interactive ad, the idea of being part of a campaign. In fact, here’s something that’s not even an ad: The Sistine Chapel in 3D. It uses Flash so well, it may inspire tourism. That may or may not be the goal, but whatever works.

One final thought: Please oh please let the talking embedded ad die in flames and without dignity. Amen.

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