Useful application for NERDS

If you aren’t a meganerd, don’t continue on. If you are, you will likely enjoy my ode to Friday nights in Jazzland.

Since I am a meganerd, I often find myself needing simple and easy applications for various nerdity. So I turn, of course, to Flash.

Say, for example, you are making a character for a pen and paper roleplaying game. Mom refused once again to put bacon on your grilled cheese sandwich before coming down into the basement and you threw dice at her in a fit of childish rage, and now all your d20s belong to the beast in the storm drain (or the family dog). What do you do?

You get digital.

That’s why a program that is easily found online, like Chromite’s dice roller, can help you get those stats rolled out on the ‘puter box.  And as far as technological geekiness goes, the future would be bright for this amazing new product by Microsoft:

Except, the nerds who would have an actual use for a table computer are busy mopping the floor at 7-11. Probably not pulling a salary to plunk 10k on a tabletop to do what they already do every Friday night. On a wooden coffee table with miniatures.

Flash is great for calculators, visualizers, dice rollers, character sheets and all those other small applications that make up the bigger picture. And while they are surely held together by the glue that is HTML, the premise is rather the same. Could make a difference amongst the poindexters.

Anyway, to crown this scarily lame post, here’s a flash video of a typical game of dungeons and dragons.

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