Flash Gaming Summit 2011: Wish I could go

All of the leaders of the flash gaming world are soon to be meeting at the Flash Gaming Summit in San Fransisco.

It looks amazing. If I weren’t on the wrong coast.

There are set to be a multitude of influential figures in the field. Just a little over 20 days.

This is a significant event for a number of reasons. For one, the scope is huge; 30-odd speakers and over 500 developers from an incredibly diverse cross-section of the flash community, an intensive mochi awards competition (think the Oscars but for Flash games), and all the keynotes and speeches and panels to make any convention a good one. Surprisingly, all this is packed into a one-day event.

This is the third year for the Summit, and the only one sponsored by Adobe themselves. Granted, there aren’t many Flash developer conventions in the world. But it actually seems like a fun time, when they have all the potential to make it a boring conventional meeting. Seriously, check out the video overview. The footage from last year was all DJs, cocktails at after parties, game makers socializing like old buddies and catered food. Of course, for either 100 or 200 dollars, you would expect a little service.

A subject they will shine a bright lens on is something I touched on a few days ago, facebook and social games. The ever-important topic of monetizing will show up, as well as conversation on bridging the future to smartphones.

If I were a famous blogger, I would totally ask for press tickets. But, that may well lay in the future. I just hope this conference opens new doors for some Flash innovation.

Here’s a video of last year’s mochi’s contestants and winners: Some fine, fine games.

I believe I may have to follow this up next month.


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