Experimental Flash- Art

No, I don’t want to go to a Super Bowl party. I’d rather blog. Anyway.

I thought I would point your attention today to experimental flash. The definition for experimental is hard. Takes many forms: flash that shows something we’ve never seen before , or makes us think of something familiar in a new way, or sometimes are just plain weird and uncategorical.

I will once again link to Newgrounds, the wild west of webflash, as it has quite the collection of experimental pieces. Most of these fall under the banner of really weird.

A few of the best:

  • Ryu– a beautiful journey through a Korean painting with fitting music that emphasizes flow.
  • Paper Sky– An interesting story told in cardboard that has an uplifting, albeit strange, message.
  • Oxygen– Truly disturbing visuals. Of course, the message is about our slow destruction of the earth, so…

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a video. There was an amazing game called Shift that changes things drastically. Like so.

And then some games can turn your brain upside down. Like Time F***. That game is about, umm, time and spatial recognition and… just play it. It defies logic.

That’ll give you something to do with your time. And maybe give another perspective on Flash.

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