Blog-a-day Week overview

Yeah, I will not be keeping this up for an entire month. The last six days, I have been doing a blog-a-day week thing for the last six posts, and though I don’t think the quality dropped, I couldn’t keep it up much longer.

To be fair, it did get easier over time. You can’t be expected, as a blogger, to come with completely original ideas every day. I’ve learned that what we do is steal ideas and run with them in our direction, with our own words.  Or, show respect to other bloggers and creators of media by showcasing what they have found or made as conduits of knowledge.  This isn’t selfless promotion; I’ve never met the people I dig on. But if a company releases a product I have faith in, they will get my press.

They may not want it. But that is the disadvantage of the internet: information cannot be controlled, or really even deleted. Press is press, but it would be nice to stick the metaphorical fingers in our ears and drown out naysayers, or even agreers who misuse their enthusiasm.

I tried to stay away from garbage, less-than hundred word posts, because in my research for the blog that was the trend for most dead blogs. Plus, that isn’t fair to the readers who are used to at least a little substance when they click a link. The best ones show something innovative, have a video or picture, have some informative or humorous conversation about, then offer ideas on said content. These are the people I have respect for.

Overall, I learned consistency.  You force yourself, in a generation of general malaise, to have something of value to add to the collective each day. It may be painful, but it is invigorating to force yourself to be worth something.

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