Historical Flash Games?

Let’s get something out of the way up front. The idea of historical Flash games is pretty ridiculous, given that most of the internet still believes that Wikipedia is true.

But then a little gem came out called High Tea; You play a British merchant, in charge of providing tea for the empire. You do that by buying and selling opium from the Chinese. This is like your typical “lemonade stand” type game that people learn how to make flash with, except beautiful and expertly subtle. Buy low, sell high, don’t get caught by the authorities.

History video games in general are nothing new. Many an hour was wasted by my youth-self typing away on the Oregon trail. While only vaguely educational, or only educational in a very strict sense, games like these at least give an inkling feeling of productivity while gaming. High Society made high tea as part of their educational exhibit on the history of illicit substances, to chronicle a questionable, if not dark, time in history.

There are other examples of games with a historical purpose, but I’m far too sick to go into them.

FlashGhetto has a dubious collection of purportedly historical flash games. Because nothing says history like ripping out guts with tongs. Actually…

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