On this big wide internet ball of ours, there are tons of places to get free music for your flash production. Even I have submitted audio to the Newgrounds audio portal, where people vote on their favorites and can give direct credit for free.  You can pay for some generic tunes at a site like Stock Music or goto Incompetech for some free songs by giving musicians. Or another hundred places, seriously just do a google search.


The point is, people still steal music for their videos and games when it is available a million places online! You can make decent music with little-to-no actual talent with free music creation software, or rather inexpensive paid software. Is this trend a matter of laziness, a matter of lack of creativity, or simply a lack of creativity?

Look, believe it or not, Flash games and videos can get HUGE. But they will never reach that level overall if you are piggybacking copyrighted tunes. You might get a few initial hits from fans of the music, but if this too big, let’s just say it will backfire. Big time.

Not to say there aren’t exceptions. There have been music videos created under direct eye of the musical artist themselves( Weird Al’s latest CD/DVD combo disc came with a few flash-created videos he asked internet artists to make for him) and also videos that were good enough the artists found them and enjoyed them. But throw the artists a bone sometimes?

Same goes for images used within flash, videos stolen, etc, etc. It just seems more grievous with music. Plus, have you ever paid a copyrighted music fine just for downloading a song? Try sharing said music, or displaying as your own.

It’s stupid, and I don’t understand the idea. I guess I should embrace the internet.

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