More Flash Events!

I talked a few weeks ago about the awesomeness that is soon to be The Flash Gaming Summit, and how I lived on the wrong coast.

I was not incorrect. In fact, there are other conventions and conferences which seem to congregate on the West Coast primarily. Either that, or different countries entirely, like Spain or Russia.

It would make sense that California would be the epicenter of technology for the U.S. given it’s reputation as Silicon Valley (breast implant joke here). There are not many conferences and events overall, and they are strangely laid out geographically, as shown by the map below:

Why Denver? I really couldn’t tell you, but there is admittedly an art scene there. How this art scene is making the transition to digital is anyone’s guess

Adobe Max is a pretty big deal with the multiple days and big-name speakers, but since it doesn’t happen until October things are a bit hush-hush.

Why could I only find five events for this map? Because there just aren’t enough people doing conferences. Get on that, people who make Flash.

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