Flash MindMeld madness!

60 Experts. 60 Seconds each. 1 awesome collaboration that brings together tips on Flash from all corners of the internet in the form of MindMeld.

Just check out this press release. What makes or breaks a flash game? They discuss this in the first ever flash micro-conference.

I strongly suggest you to give it a listen, game developer or not; it’s only an hour, with small chunks with many artists and pros. Themes exist within, of course.  They tell developers to simply play alot of games, and keep making new things even when they get annoyed. Of course, I thought I might talk about a few specific people worth listening to especially. A-like-a-so!

Stephen Harris: This guy made the Bloons series, quite possibly the best monkey throwing darts simulator ever created. He reminds people that borrowing ideas is not necessarily theft, and remember play-testing is vital.

Tom Fulp: It should be obvious I worship this man for his site Newgrounds. He says to listen to the people, make your game playable, and don’t make your game specifically for monetizing-it will likely suck.

Edmund McMillen: Creator of so many vaguely experimental games, like the platformer epic Super Meat Boy.  His bottom line- Games are about gameplay. Make all the fancy graphical tweaks you like, it still comes down to how the game controls.

Jameson Hsu: This man has so much experience in the field it isn’t funny. From advertising to online gaming, this guy knows design, and argues the importance of the thumbnail and having a distinctive look for your flash game.

Jim Greer: Mr. Kongregate himself! Basically, kill a million ideas until you find the one that’s worth polishing and expanding. This guy is very much worth a listen.

Tom and Dim Vian: Otherwise known as the Super Flash Bros, these UK sibbies made the Detective Grimoire series, and work for Armor Games. They know that it is difficult to keep a player enthralled, and how easy to overwhelm the player. Also, the graphics will match the effect of the gameplay- a major pitfall.

These are just a few of the 60, and far from the only ones to listen to. You can get an mp3 of all the artists to listen to on the go at their site. Hope you enjoyed these talking heads, and happy gaming!

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