The irony of epicness: Flash games

First off, I’ll explain what I mean by the title. Be forewarned, there’s not really anything of social value or integrity today. I’m just talking about things I enjoy.

I have played many a flash game in my time, and special honors go to those games I have spent more than an hour playing. These are usually long-form role-playing games, or sometimes tower defense games, or random hitting crap so it flies across the screen for a long time…games.

What brought this to mind was a game I played today called Fantasy XFII, a sort of parody of RPG games in general, while being more of an homage. It is naught but ripped sprites, and it is buggy as all hell, but I enjoyed it for roughly an hour before I fell through a floor indefinitely.

Here’s a few more notable games for sucking up time(All at Newgrounds for ease):

There you go. If you tried each of these, you should be homeless… yesterday. Seriously. How is it possible for something designed to quickly and easily deliver creative content to the masses able to make something so astounding in under 10 megabytes? That is the question, and unfortunately I have not found the answer. All I can do is keep searching.

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