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My triumphant return to Internetz

Oh, Spring Break. I wasn’t exactly partying hard; rather, I was lamenting the dial-up of my hometown house.

Though I hate to simply review things that happened, you can take a trip through the last week-and-a-half with me. Interactive!

So, the biggest news of months, really, was this catastrophe in Japan. The support and well-wishes have been monumental in these dark times. How does this affect Flash? In so many ways, actually. Newgrounds is having a charity auction courtesy of Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson and are advertising the great services of sparkrelief – dedicated to finding temporary shelter for those displaced by disaster. Tsunami Fighter also was an attempt to raise money for charity in a viral medium.

On a lighter note:

Tech evangelists are gearing up for conference season, as the flowers bloom and techies emerge from hibernation. Tablet apps have been all the rage but still don’t give Flash it’s due. I’m pretty excited about other things adobe has been doing, like their internet-streaming television service called Adobe Pass, based in Flash streaming.

I also had a TON of games to play. Adult Swim’s Cardboard Box Assembler was a marvel of 3D flash gaming, and distressingly dizzying. I also liked the Jazzy music.

I’ll have to keep playing them.  We’ll keep you updated.