Flash Creepypasta

I was at a convention this weekend in Pittsburgh, and learned of an internet meme the likes of which I hadn’t put a name to. This was the creepypasta.  Since this sounds like something strange (and it certainly is) the best I can describe the phenomenon is this: As ghost stories are to the physical and spiritual happenings, these are stories of horrible abnormality happening in the realm of video games. These could be urban legends involving hacked cartridges or terrible accidents occurring during a game. Some of the more notable have to do with the incredibly popular Pokemon series, questionably enjoyed mostly by young adults and college students. Here are a few freaky and well-known ones:

Majora Mask’s BEN

Pokemon’s Lost Silver

They really are only creepy in the context of those who have religiously played the game they are based upon, which is much of the charm. Encyclopedia Dramatica gives their best shot to confuse the reader on the subject, while the devoted Wiki gives a better synopsis. To be fair, it’s not just video games, but those are the favored on the nets.

Anywho, the panel I went to (at midnight) inspired me to look for how this affects the medium of Flash. While most involve text, or the occasional video or sound file, I knew there had to be a flash basis, as with most memes. I found a few newgrounds flashes, but nothing great. In the most basic sense, youtube is flash, but I was looking for animations.

Others were just bad modifications of animated cutscenes, like a stupid submission of a really unplayable Mario game. Same sort of deal with Spongebob,  and a irratatingly long and pointless “terrifying” Mickey Mouse cartoon.

I’m annoyed that there’s no flash beyond your average Youtube Poop (look it up). Maybe someone else can find something. I’m out.

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