Medals and achievements

This is a bit of a strange phenomenon in gaming, and beyond. I sort of understood the achievements on Xbox 360, but the ideas of medals in Flash baffles me. Newgrounds has available many thousands of points in medals. Newgrounds is one of the greatest lampooners of the trend.

This has become so much of a joke that entire games were made to make fun of the medal unlock. Like this:

Not only do we need a sense of satisfaction for winning a certain part of game, we need a sense of achievement to show other people outside of high scores in the game. Achievement Unlocked 2 came out lately, as well as upgrade complete which provides satire on instant gratification mentality.

Anyway, no time for a real rant. I think I should discuss a few notable flashes.

There was the weirdness that is Psychosomnium.  

This is a short and unique platformer with some interesting twists; the goal is to learn the strange little tricks that work in ways you wouldn’t expect. I don’t to spoil it. Let’s just say you’re in a dream, and things are different. The controls are very simple, but the puzzles are mindbending.

I’m in love with Bullet Heaven.

It’s a fine example of the bullet hell genre, a shooting game where projectiles are everywhere and you shoot a poop-ton of bullets toward endless waves of powerful enemies. This one has beautiful graphics, great upgrades, and hours of gameplay. The bosses are epic.

Those should keep you busy.

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