Some games are HARD

I was thinking today about a game that isn’t flash. A game created as a love letter to the more difficult days of gaming past, games such as Mega Man or the Mario levels with that angry sun that wants nothing more than to make you wish you were dead. Or that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on the Nes. Geez. That is I Wanna Be The Guy. Download this indy freeware game, and if you finish it, be prepared for some serious bragging rights in the gaming community.

But it’s not the only one. Our good buddy Flash is here to lead us to the depths of hell and back in the form of head-thumpingly, nail-bitingly, wall-punchingly difficult games. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

The Hardest Game Ever

This one is just tedious, actually. You use the age-old formula of squares and circles through mazes, trying to dodge bad thing until you get to the end. The detail I liked was berating you after every level about how impossible the game will get. It’s certainly completable, but will make you go insane. Kind of boring in a design sense, but the gimmick is perfectly sound.

Super Mario Flash

Many of these hard games were based off a manipulated Mario design made years ago that made you question your very terrain in a video game landscape. This led to some great videos of people playing them and being pissed.

Language Alert! Not safe for work.

Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman

This is not a nice game. Other than the fact that they are making light of Japanese working themselves to literal death, and suicide, it’s just evil. Kind of interesting in that the goal of a normal platforming game is reversed: you must lose all your lives to win. It is considerably more fun than the other games designed to make you lose your mind and snap into a violent rage completely. It’s also a very competent puzzle game, despite the grimness of the theme. Music’s catchy, too. There’s a sequel, but i’ve never wanted to taint my salaryman experience.

If you can survive these atrocities in gaming, tell me.

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