An exciting time in Flash gaming

Guess what just happened? Fancy Pants adventures, a game by flash artist Brad Borne, came out with a console release on both the PS3 andXbox 360. This is a combination of the last two Flash games, with the addition of a whole lot of extra content from the upcoming third.

It’s really the time all flash artists dream of, their time to take game development to the next level. This is only possible through the collaboration of Over the Top games and their animation skill. A fairly new company, but gaining quite the reputation for apps and ports. Distribution is amazingly handled by one of the biggest gaming juggernauts, Electronic Arts. Not a subsidiary of EA. EA themselves.

Pictured above: PROFIT

Which is a really good move from a marketing standpoint. The games on computer have combined plays of over 100 million, thanks in part to the fact it’s free. But with the addition of new moves, areas, and four player cooperative gaming, along with the fact that 2d platformers are so rare these days, I’m guessing people will pony up the ten dollars for a fun action romp.

IGN had some nice things to say about the title, which has only had a few days in the arcade. Brad created Borne games specifically for his first foray into commercial gaming, but we all know that one game is sometimes all you need (minecraft).

To be fair, I haven’t had the money to buy the game yet, and my xbox is actually my roommate’s. But it seems remarkably similar to the original. King of the Hill mode, where you try to hold onto a ball, seems a fun addition. The inclusion of the new enemies seems fun, and you have a weapon (a pencil) instead of only being able to jump on enemies. The art style can only be described as fun and breezy.

I’m just happy to see a flash artist getting recognized and some real income for their talent.

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