Angry Unrelated Ranting: PSN

This has nothing to do with flash, though much to do with gaming, but this Playstation Network hackjob is making me angry.

You see, I don’t have a PS3. I never wanted one, considering it’s inferiority as a platform to the Xbox 360. But I was nice enough to loan my debit card to a friend so he could download some Guitar Hero songs. Now, since the hackers have 77 million user infos now, there’s a large possibility I may have to cancel my card.

I really wish I could get a part of the law suit money from the people, if that pans out. I have no stock or faith in the company, though if they go bankrupt we may lose out on a few great PS3-exclusive games. No huge loss. Not that I expect that Sony will have to pay out monetary compensation to 77 million users. But if I can get on that list, I will.

Plus, we knew from the beginning who the culprits were: American members of Anonymous after a hacker was banned. I heard them blaming other sources in a radio segment, and they weren’t joking. Seriously, they were saying that it must be China. because they have a large population of tech-savvy people. Then they blamed the Russian finance hackers, which makes more sense but is still total BS. Lastly, they mentioned there’s a very small chance it’s American “recreational” hackers, because our cultural bias has to downplay the severity of any fowl play by a US citizen.

I really don’t know. Hopefully, my own card was lost in the cracks, and I mourn for anyone else in this annoying position. I’d rather not go bankrupt for a bunch of mask-wearing rejects. Geez.

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